EQUIPPED Vol. 1 No. 2: The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us

EQUIPPED Vol. 1 No. 2: The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us

EQUIPPED – A CAA Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 2.



Answering Jewish Objections: “Jewish People Don’t Believe in a Suffering/Atoning Messiah”: Part Four

This is our final post in our series on Answering Jewish Objections: “Jewish People Don’t Believe in a Suffering/Atoning Messiah." See Part One, Two, and Three. … [Read More...]


Review: Jesus on Trial by David Limbaugh

Dan Barkman | With endorsements from apologists like Frank Turek and Ravi Zacharias, I had high hopes for David Limbaugh's Jesus on Trial and the book did not disappoint.  Limbaugh-a New York Times … [Read More...]


The Value of Extra-Biblical Knowledge (Tolle Lege)

Christians are sometimes afraid of claims of knowledge that come from sources outside of the Bible, especially if those claims are being made by non-Christians.  It's sometimes tempting to think that … [Read More...]

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The Mysterious Magi of Matthew 2, Part One.

In chapter two of the gospel according to Matthew, we read that magi (Zoroastrian priests of the ancient Medes and Persians1) studied the stars, and upon seeing a particular astrological phenomenon, … [Read More...]


Handling a Rabbi’s Objection About The Resurrection of Jesus

  Dan Cohn-Sherbock, a well-known rabbi of Reform Judaism, and Jewish theologian has given some of his reasons for rejecting the resurrection of Jesus. He says: “As a Jew and a rabbi, I could be … [Read More...]


How To Witness To Mormon Missionaries

By far the most common way people come into contact with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or Mormons, is through speaking with two young well dressed men, wearing a little … [Read More...]

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Wars of Early Islam

Mohammed migrated to Medina from Mecca in the year 622 A.D. This migration is called Hijra, and 622 is the first year of the Islamic calender. The first year of the Islamic calender does not start … [Read More...]


Rethinking Nielsen’s World Without God

Imagine for a second that there is no God. Imagine God is dead. What would we expect our world to look like if God did not exist? Based on this idea a brilliant, young Irish economist by the name of … [Read More...]


Apologists, Christian Bookstores, and “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven”

This week was a bad week for fans of the book The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven. Alex Malarkey, son of author Kevin Malarkey, issued a brief but brutal retraction of the events that took place in … [Read More...]


What is the Value of Freethought?

What is a freethinker? By definition, a freethinker is a person who forms his or her ideas and opinions independently of authority or accepted views. The assumption is a freethinker is one who thinks … [Read More...]