EQUIPPED: Vol. 1, No. 3 – Evidence for the Resurrection

EQUIPPED: Vol. 1, No. 3 – Evidence for the Resurrection

EQUIPPED – A CAA Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 3.



Introducing: Winning CAA Pilot Chapters!

In the most recent edition of EQUIPPED, we announced we would be taking applications for CAA Pilot Chapters, and held a book giveaway contest for those who applied. As the Christian Apologetics … [Read More...]


The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas

The CAA read The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas: Paul’s Mars Hill Experience for Our Pluralistic World by Paul Copan and Kenneth D. Litwak, as part of Apologetics 315’s weekly Read Along program. … [Read More...]


Atheist Matt Dillahunty Goes After Intelligent Design — and Stumbles

I was recently directed to the above video featuring notable atheist Matt Dillahunty (with whom I have had interaction in the past). In it, Dillahunty makes a number of elementary mistakes that are … [Read More...]

The Prophet Jeremiah

Convince Me There’s A God – Archaeology 23

When a theist presents ‘evidence’ to an atheist for the existence of God, the atheist will often challenge the theist with whether the supernatural is ‘falsifiable.’ In other words, is a belief in … [Read More...]


“What is God Like — Tawhid or Trinity?” Jonathan McLatchie vs. Abdurraheem Green

I recently did a debate on Unbelievable? on Premier Christian Radio, a show that airs every Saturday on British radio (also podcasted online), featuring debates between Christians and non-Christians. … [Read More...]

balaam and angel

Why Did God Kill the Midianite Boys in Numbers 31? Part One.

“And Moses was angry with the officers of the army…[and] said to them, ‘Have you let all the women live? Behold, these, on Balaam's advice, caused the people of Israel to act treacherously against … [Read More...]


Age of Ultron: Human Visions, Second Chances and Filled Gaps

The Avengers have invaded your local theaters - and the public consciousness. Critics like it and audiences love it. It passed the $700million dollar mark only eight days after its release, and a … [Read More...]

book picture

A Queer Entanglement

The Codependent Conjunction of "Gay Christians" and the Gay-Affirming Church When Harvard sophomore Matthew Vines came out to his parents over Christmas break, both of them affirmed their … [Read More...]

Who's Afraid of the Multiverse

Book Review: Who’s Afraid Of The Multiverse?

Introduction As a Christian who is deeply interested in the sciences and what they bring to the table for defending the existence of God (and the truth of the Christian worldview, specifically), I … [Read More...]


Necessary Existence of God

Judeo-Christians understand God as a being that is perfect in knowledge (Ps. 147:5), power (Job 42:2), presence (Ps. 139), acts (Ps. 18:30) and has none greater (Heb. 6:13) nor equal (Ps. … [Read More...]