Why Does God Allow Evil?

Why Does God Allow Evil?

Day of Evil The 9/11 terrorist attacks kicked off a change in the overall tone of conversations about religion. Outspoken “New Atheists” like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett and the late Christopher Hitchens gained a huge following from people who were critical of the Judeo-Christian conception God. […]


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Approaching Apologetics like a Chess Match

Working in apologetics is not something that should be done carelessly. While no one can claim to be the perfect apologist, it is important that as we approach these discussions, we come to the table … [Read More...]


Does God Condone Slavery?

Many may be surprised to learn that in the Old Testament, God expressly forbids the slave trade, commanding that anyone who steals a man is to be put to death, whether he has sold the victim yet or … [Read More...]


Articulating One’s Beliefs Can Be a Challenge

Introduction. Despite the fact of my not posting since the beginning of the month, I have not lost sight of the mission. Working with the people I work with, some of them being some of the most … [Read More...]


Sufism – Origin and History (Part 2)

Prophet Mohammed seems to be the first Sufi, communing directly with Allah. The early followers who were with him received revelations from God directly through them and formed the early Sufi school. … [Read More...]


Investigating God’s Existence from Innate Desires

I am so good at being so wrong. For a long period of time, I was not persuaded by the argument from innate desire for the existence of the transcend beings. Even though I deserted atheistic worldview … [Read More...]

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The Legitimate Use of Pascal in Apologetics

I have written two prior treatments of Christian philosophers' usefulness in apologetics* and here I wish to add another to the list: French philosopher Blaise Pascal (1632-1662). Pascal is widely … [Read More...]


Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Comics is on a roll. Guardians of the Galaxy opened with a stunning $94 million dollar weekend, breaking the previous August record for a movie opening. In spite of bewilderment within the … [Read More...]

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It’s Evidential

A review of Discovering Intelligent Design: A Journey into the Scientific Evidence by Gary Kemper, Hallie Kemper, and Casey Luskin When Hallie Kemper, a homeschool educator and science teacher, … [Read More...]


Youth, Popularity, and Apologetics

I was listening to J. Warner Wallace’s podcast recently, and it’s one I encourage all of you to listen to. He talked about presenting talks on apologetics and how youth get enthused about it. I … [Read More...]


Book Review: The Intolerance of Tolerance

The Intolerance of Tolerance by D.A. Carson is a masterful exploration into one of the greatest cultural issues of our day—tolerance by one of the greatest Christian minds of our day. In … [Read More...]